Based in Dublin, with its strong tradition for creative writing and its deep historical links with America, and in Paris, a major European and world cultural, business and literary centre, Author Rights Agency represents Irish, British and American writers for world rights and has well established connections throughout the world.

The information revolution has changed the publishing world and we believe that the new publishing industry order requires new models. Author Rights Agency aims to design business strategies and develop strategic partnerships with authors where its role isn’t limited to seeking publishing deals on their behalf but rather consists in creating visibility and therefore revenue.

  • We connect authors and their creative works directly to the world of book publishing, including electronic publishing, and other media.
  • We act either under contract as authors’ personal representative or on a consultative basis, providing editorial advice & consulting services that authors need to achieve their goals, thus enabling them to reach the targeted readership.
  • We have a network of co-agents in all major linguistic territories that help us selling translation rights to our authors’ works.
  • We collaborate with social media experts, PR companies and freelance editing services.
  • We enter into agreements with persons or organisations that can lead to the exploitation of our authors’ work.
  • We also have an in-house e-book and POD imprint for selected titles.

As no two writers are the same, ARA recognises the importance of a personal service to ensure that each authors’ needs are understood and their individual career paths developed accordingly.

Our latest rights catalogues in downloadable PDF format:

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Svetlana Pironko, Director

IMAG5065_1_1_1An experienced international agent with a deep knowledge of selling rights all over the world, with personal contacts with the English-speaking publishing world. She has direct experience of working with creative writers, publishers, editors and agents in many international markets and languages. She speaks fluent English, French, Russian, and has working knowledge of Italian. Before creating Author Rights Agency Ltd. in Dublin in 2006, she was a director of Lora Fountain & Associates Literary Agency in Paris.