Craig McDonald

craigmcdonaldCraig McDonald is an award-winning author and journalist. The Hector Lassiter series has been published to international acclaim in numerous languages (French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Mongolian, and Spanish).

McDonald’s debut novel Head Games was nominated for Edgar®, Anthony and Gumshoe awards in the U.S. and the 2011 Sélection du prix polar Saint-Maur en Poche in France. Head Games is soon to appear in graphic novel format from First Second Books, an Eisner Award winning imprint of Henry Holt & Co. The Lassiter series has been enthusiastically endorsed by a who’s who of crime fiction authors.

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“I don’t think there’s anything quite like them. These are incredible novels… Not only is the series a one-of-a-kind, but Craig has done one better by trying to make each novel a different novel.”   —James Sallis

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This series from Edgar®- and Anthony-nominated author Craig McDonald has won the love of an enthusiastic international readership. The cycle features a larger-than-life crime writer Hector Lassiter, an epitome of bygone masculinity and a witness of major events of the 20th century and its secret history. The Lassiter novels spin around unexplored and underexplored aspects of real historical events. They are set in real places and incorporate real people.

As author Duane Swierczynski said, “Reading a Hector Lassiter novel is like having a great uncle pull you aside, pour you a tumbler of rye, and tell you a story about how the 20th century ‘really’ went down.”

Betimes Books released in 2014-2016 four previously published and six new Hector Lassiter novels, issuing them in a chronological order for the first time: One True Sentence, Forever’s Just Pretend (new), Toros & TorsosThe Great Pretender (new), Roll the Credits (new), The Running Kind (new),  Head Games, Print the Legend, and Death in the Face (new), Three Chords and the Truth (new).

Publisher: Betimes Books. Rights held: World (consult us about rights to individual titles)

 HEAD GAMES, The Graphic Novel

HeadGames_cover In this graphic novel adaptation of the Edgar-nominated novel Head Games, Craig McDonald blends history and legend to tell the tale of the classic hard-drinking, hard-living, and hard-boiled protagonist. Artist Kevin Singles brings this noir thriller to life with a style reminiscent of the golden age of dime-store paperbacks.

It’s 1957, and aging novelist Hector Lassiter thought that his adventures were long behind him. But then he receives a treasure worth killing for: the skull of Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa.


“It’s a breezy thriller designed to hit the sweet spot for crime fans and history buffs alike.” —Publishers Weekly

“The mix of twentieth-century fact and fantasy is a fun touch. If you enjoy watching an author play connect-the-dots with bullet holes and blood, this Head’s for you.”  —Booklist

“Featuring more than enough action (both pulse-pounding and sultry) to please pulp purists, as well as cameos by Orson Welles, Marlene Dietrich, ­Ernest Hemingway, and a young George W. Bush, author McDonald ably adapts his own novel, while illustrator Singles’ ­artwork brings a gritty edge to every page. VERDICT: Good fun for fans of pulp, crime, or historical fiction.” Library Journal

Publisher: First Second Books – Macmillan US (24 October 2017)

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