Les Edgerton


Les Edgerton is a full-time writer and creative writing teacher. He’s written eighteen books in a variety of forms: novels, short stories, nonfiction books, screenplays and about the craft of writing.

His work has been nominated for or won: the Pushcart Prize, O. Henry Award, PEN/Faulkner Award, Derringer Award, Spinetingler Magazine Thriller of the Year (Legends category), Jesse Jones Book Award, Edgar Allan Poe Award (short story category), Violet Crown Book Award, and others.

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The Death of Tarpons

The Death of Tarpons was first published in 1996 and launched Les Edgerton’s reputation not only as an outstanding narrative talent, but as one of those writers able to break your heart with one sentence. Timeless.

TARPONSfront“Facing his own battle with cancer, Corey John returns to Freeport, Texas, where he spent the summer of 1955 amid the turmoil of his dysfunctional family. Then fourteen, he had wanted nothing more than to go fishing and to please his abusive father. Yet through the tutelage of his loving, cancer-stricken grandfather, Corey crossed over into an adulthood in which he would not mimic his father’s example. Throughout this exceptional first novel, Edgerton uses fishing as an extended metaphor for life. Like a hooked tarpon that first lurks on the bottom before leaping high out of the water, life’s lows are followed by highs, and the successful angler must learn to cope with both extremes.” —Library Journal.

“Les Edgerton of Fort Wayne has created a Father’s Day present that should be required reading for every American reader who ever had a father, who ever was a father or who plans eventually to be a father. The Death of Tarpons is much more than a fish story, more even than an investigation about how and why boys grow—or don’t grow—into good men. […] While this book deals with violence and cruelty, it is ultimately a definition of gentleness and love. It is a good story; it is a good book.”  The Indianapolis Star

The Death of Tarpons“Les Edgerton’s The Death of Tarpons is a big-hearted and beautiful story of love and death and the fact that we all grow up and away, for better and worse, from who and what we once were. A fine book, well worth the reading.”  Bret Lott, author of Jewel

“Edgerton takes on one of the hoariest of projects, the family chronicle, but he explores individual characters and domestic relations in so particularized, so eloquent and—in the very best sense—so idiosyncratic a way, that we almost feel we are treading such ground for the first time.”  Sydney Lea, author of A Place of Mind

  The Bitch

The Bitch Thumbnail“No, The Bitch isn’t a wild woman, but prison slang for “ha-BITCH-ual criminal.” This is a taut tale of double-cross, death, diamonds and destruction as Jake Bishop fights to protect all he holds dear – his freedom, his pregnant wife, and his teen-age brother — by holding The Bitch at bay when trapped into one last job.” —Bob Stewart, bestselling author of Remorse and others.

“I liked The Bitch so much that I wanted to publish it. But we lost out and New Pulp Press got a hell of a book. The Bitch is a dark crime fiction story that never once pulls a punch or ducks behind some bullshit like ‘happy endings’ or ‘closure’. The Bitch isn’t afraid to stay dark until the very end.”   —Brian Lindenmuth, editor/publisher of Snubnose Press and Spinetingler Magazine

“Les Edgerton’s brilliantly hardboiled The Bitch is the tense and hard hitting story of Jake Bishop, a reformed ex-con whose dark past drags him back into a life of crime like an umbilical cord tied tight around his neck.” —Paul D. Brazill, 13 Shots of Noir

“The Bitch is a vicious barnstormer of a novel, a noir rollercoaster that won’t let you unbuckle until that final three-word smackdown. Pick it up immediately.”   —Ray Banks, internationally bestselling author of Dead Money

Rights available: world translation rights ex. German (Pulp Master).

The Rapist

The Rapist Thumbnail

“Meet Truman Ferris Pinter, condemned prisoner #49028, a snarling, wicked, silver-tongued misanthrope – a black hole of a man who sucks you in with the human gravity of his self-deception, then distorts your beliefs with the super-logic of his epiphanies. Oh, it’s all there – gut-grabbing lust, sex, hate and violence, deeply disturbing comments about our insane world – but The Rapist by Les Edgerton is much more than a new classic of Modern Noir. Against all odds, master wordsmith Edgerton has created the most mesmerizing and disturbing narrator since Patricia Highsmith’s Tom Ripley, an intense, strange, well-spoken villain whose story and sexual perceptions will frighten many more men than women. The Rapist is not who — or what — you think.”   —Jack Getze, Fiction Editor, Spinetingler Magazine

THE RAPIST COVER FROM PULPMASTER“Les Edgerton presents an utterly convincing anti-hero. The abnormal psychology is pitch-perfect. The Rapist ranks right up there with Camus’ The Stranger and Simenon’s Dirty Snow. An instant modern classic.”   —Allan Guthrie, author of Slammer and others

Rights available: world translation rights ex. German (Pulp Master) and Italian (Odoya Edizioni)

Other Works: 

Monday’s Meal; Bomb!; The Genuine, Imitation, Plastic Kidnapping; Just Like That; Gumbo Ya-Ya; The Perfect Crime; Mirror, Mirror; Perfect Game USA and the Future of Baseball: How the Remaking of Youth Scouting Affects the National Pastime; Surviving Little League (co-written with Mike Edgerton); Finding Your Voice: How to Put Personality in Your Writing and Hooked: Write Fiction That Grabs Readers on Page One and Never Lets Them Go.

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