Ken Bruen

imagesKen Bruen was born in Galway in 1951 and is the author of over thirty novels translated in twenty languages. After completing a MA in English he spent twenty-five years as an English teacher in Africa, Japan, S.E. Asia and South America.

Ken Bruen has been a finalist for the Edgar, Anthony and Barry awards and he has won the Shamus Award and the Macavity Award.

“So many books are so much like so many other books that it’s always a delight to encounter a writer with an utterly distinctive voice. The prize-winning Irish novelist Ken Bruen is such a writer. The words that best describe him, besides original, are outrageous and hilarious.” —Washington Post


“If you only know Bruen’s work from the Taylor series, you’re in for a treat. For Bruen is also the author of a police procedural series set in southeast London, featuring the amoral Sergeant Brant”. —Bookreporter

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Rights held: World

Rights sold:

London Boulevard (The Do-Not Press, 2001.): USA: St. Martin’s Press, 2009, UK: Transworld (film tie-in), 2011; France (Fayard); Japan (Shinchosha); Spanish (Pamies); Russian (Ripol Classic); Polish (Gruner+Jahr Poland); Czech (Plejada); Chinese (Law Press); Turkish (Sel Publishing); German (Suhrkamp); Hebrew (Sela); Italian (Casini); Finnish (Arktinen Banaani); Korean (Sigongsa), Hungarian (Alexandra), Estonian (ERSEN | OÜ ERAM Books) — RECENT SALE!

The White Trilogy (The Do-Not Press, 1998-2000): World Ex: USA/Canada (Justin, Charles & Co.); France (Gallimard); Russia (U-Factory); Japan (Hayakawa); Spain (Pamies); Turkey (Tünel).

Blitz (The Do-Not Press, 2002): World Ex: USA/Canada (St. Martin’s Minotaur); UK (Transworld – movie tie-in); France (Gallimard); Russia (Ripol Classic); Italy (Casini); Israel (Sela Books).

Vixen (The Do-Not Press, 2003): World Ex: USA/Canada (St. Martin’s Minotaur); France (Gallimard); Israel (Sela Books), Germany (Polar Verlag) — RECENT SALE!

Calibre (St. Martin’s Minotaur, 2006): World Ex: USA/Canada (St. Martin’s Minotaur); France (Gallimard); Germany (Polar Verlag) — RECENT SALE!

Ammunition (St. Martin’s Minotaur, 2007): World Ex: USA/Canada (St. Martin’s Minotaur); France.