Timothy Balding

Picture1Born in 1954 in London, Timothy Balding grew up on a British military base in Germany. He left school and his family at the age of sixteen to return alone to the United Kingdom, where he was hired as a reporter on local newspapers in Reading in the county of Berkshire. For the ensuing decade, he worked on local and regional titles and then at Press Association, the national news agency. He exiled himself to Paris, France, in 1980, and spent the next thirty years working for international, non-governmental organizations. For twenty-five of these, he was the CEO of the World Association of Newspapers. A Knight (First Class) in the Order of the White Rose of Finland, Timothy Balding currently lives between France and Spain and devotes himself to writing. Homo Conscius is his first novel.

Homo Conscius

Picture2Half-drunk on the operating table as an indifferent surgeon cuts a hole in his wrist, Victor Andrews contemplates his impending death with dread and sorrow. It’s not dying that makes him distraught, he reflects, but the idea that he may quit his life, after all these years, having understood little or nothing about it. A few deathbed jokes at his own expense will be in order, of course. But what will he be able to say about his life that is true, original, essential? Victor decides, if the doctors don’t kill him, to embark on a forensic investigation through the dimly-lit corridors of his mind in search of answers. Murder, love, sex, truth, beauty … the inquisition must begin. Few corners of a man’s mind and soul are left unexplored in this black comedy.


“The book is a real blast! Very enjoyable.” Tariq Goddard, acclaimed author of Dynamo and Homage to a Firing Squad

“… fitfully funny …” Kirkus Reviews

“Laced with acidic wit, delivered in stunningly elegant prose … a great novel.” newlondonwriters.com

Published By: Upper West Side Philosophers, Inc. USA                                                        

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