Markus Ahonen

Markus AhonenMarkus Ahonen was born in 1972 in Helsinki, Finland and grew up in Martinlaakso, a suburb of Vantaa, known as the childhood residence of famous Formula One drivers Mika Häkkinen, Mika Salo and Kimi Räikkönen and heavy metal band Amorphis.

After spending a year as an exchange student in Upstate New York and studying Communications and Finnish Literature in Turku, he has worked extensively as Editor and Editor-in-chief in local newspapers, as TV Script Writer. After moving to Ireland in 2006, Markus has worked as a flying foreign correspondent having reported to newspapers and magazines from fourty countries around Europe and elsewhere.

His first Isaksson series crime novel Meduusa (Medusa) was awarded the third prize at the Kouvola Crime Literature Festival’s 10th anniversary novel contest in 2006.

The second novel in the same series, Palava sydän (Burning Heart), was published in 2008.

In 2012, Markus went in to e-book business. Short story collection My Hometown Named Love was published as an e-book in English in March 2012 and in Finnish as Kotipaikkani on rakkaus in October the same year. The updated new versions of Meduusa and Palava sydän were published as e-books in Finnish in late 2012. In the late 2012 and early 2013, Meduusa reached continuously the #1 spot in iTunes Finland e-book Top100 chart. So did Palava sydän and the third Isaksson series novel Jäljet (Tracks) in 2014. Meduusa was chosen to Apple iBookstore Best of 2012 and 2013 catalogs Top Fiction category. It is one of the most sold e-books ever in Apple iTunes Finland.

In the end of 2013, Apple iTunes Finland selected Markus and his works into their Bestselling Authors category among Jo Nesbø, Reijo Mäki, Nora Roberts, Miika Nousiainen, Tess Gerritsen, Stephen King, Cassandra Clare, Liza Marklund, Donna Leon, Eve Hietamies, Patricia Cornwell, Conn Iggulden and Anna-Leena Härkönen.

In April 2016 Markus joined WSOY/Bonnier Books Finland literary stable. WSOY republished the whole Isaksson series Meduusa (Medusa), Palava sydän (Burning Heart) and Jäljet (Tracks) as refined paperbacks in May 2016. Isaksson #4 Sydämenmurskajaiset (Heart Crushing Party) was published by WSOY in hardcover in September 2016. It has gathered superb reviews.

Markus, a film, book, music, exercise and general knowledge enthusiast, lives in Malahide, County Dublin, Ireland with his son.

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716253_158c207d234344c29ce99af206ea9fbe~mv1Several hazy, staged murders are committed in a short time in Helsinki region in Finland. In their last days, victims have ended up in the middle of strange events. As if someone had wanted to rip them from their last pieces of sanity.

Senior Crime Constable Markku Isaksson, who has recently moved back from a small town to the rough suburb he grew up, is investigating a perfect murder game, in which the master of puppets is mysterious Meduusa.

Awarded debut Nordic Noir mystery! iTunes Finland top100 #1 bestseller. iBookstore Best of 2012, Best of 2013.


716253_6fa984ddb1ad4d9ba1ee227f69cbb317~mv1In a May evening, Helsinki is covered in smoke when Czar-era warehouses opposite the parliament burn down. On the same night, a young woman dies violently a man is severed by a train in Linnunlaulu passage, and then a member of the parliament disappears.
An unusual series of crimes is taking place and its tracks lead to a small cottage by Töölö Bay. There lives a man, who has had the whole world turned against him and who has nothing to lose.
Clever-plotted social commentary. What would you do, if you had lost everything?

iTunes Finland top100 #1 novel.


716253_b23ef123bb99439da065a450862e4535~mv1Death walks the streets – who is the next victim?

A TV weatherman, who has thirst for fame is found murdered in a movie theater in Helsinki. All CCTV cameras show only blank and there are no other clues. Just the foot print nearby, which has a figure of an angel.

As the winter weather gets rougher, so do the murders, to the despair of the police. What kind of murderer are they really looking for? Is the killer from this world at all?

A gripping novel that dives deeply into the psyche of the killer in the real and pulsing streets of Helsinki.


716253_6dbef6aac73f4a679f0e335d9931db7a~mv2_d_1318_2048_s_2In 1987, the night before his confirmation, a 15-year-old boy deeply in love goes for a night swim… In 2015, 43-year-old Karl Bellman, who has made a fortune abroad, secretly comes back to Helsinki after many years. He decides to shake the years of sad memories in the sea by Vuosaari. Both night swims are their last ones. These separate incidents soon appear to be part of a complex series of murders. Investigations bring Helsinki Police Department Violent Crimes Unit Senior Detective Constable Markku Isaksson to different layers of society: to wealthy suburbs and to the tough streets of Vantaa and Kallio region.

Elsewhere, in Syria’s sieged Homs, a hostage teaches his guard a game, which involves a black ball, a red ball and a few small stones…

Intoxicating suspense and romance novel with first-hand documentary material from Syria.


“If Ahonen’s three previous novels are even nearly as good as this is, he is one of the most carefully guarded secrets in Finland… Heart-Crushing Party is an intoxicating suspense and love novel.” Kai Hirvasnoro, Kansan Uutiset (Also a member of The Clew of the Year 2017 Jury)

Heart-Crushing Party is again a proof of power of a detective story: in the genre you can really find excellent writing works that no one should miss because of the ‘whodunnit stamp’”. Annika, For the Love of Books

“Markus Ahonen is the Finnish equivalent to Jo Nesbø.” Mira Aaltonen, Liftaan

“Tracks entertains and hooks. Short chapters, striking narration, exciting plot twists… “ Mari Södergård, literary blog

“With a full-time writer’s professionality Ahonen has drawn a compact story (Meduusa), which focuses on the essential, and hooks the reader in style. Payoff is a big surprise.” Tuula Okkonen, Finnish Whodunnit Society Culture journal

“Markus Ahonen’s detective novel Burning Heart shows suspense narrator’s skills and joy of writing.” Jari O. Hiltunen, Satakunnan Kansa newspaper