Sheila Bugler

b8a2e383e29a73ae7ace606d50070f72Sheila Bugler grew up in the west of Ireland. After studying Psychology at University College Galway, she left Ireland and worked in Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland and Argentina before finally settling in London, where she lives with her family.

The third and fourth novels in the Ellen Kelly series will be coming out from Brandon Books in 2015 and 2016.

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AllThingsNice All Things Nice is the third in the Ellen Kelly series of crime novels.

It is eight months since the fire that almost killed Ellen, her adopted mother and her son. With the help of the rest of the family, all three are gradually rebuilding their lives and Ellen is back at work.

When a young man’s body is discovered on a quiet road in Blackheath, Ellen is asked to lead the investigation. It’s Ellen’s first big job since the fire and she’s determined not to mess this one up.

The dead man is KIERAN BURTON, boyfriend of FREYA GLEESON. Freya’s father, NICK is a celebrity chef who’s not too thrilled about his family being at the centre of a murder investigation. He’s about to open a new chain of restaurants with his business partner, PETER COOPER. Both men could do without this sort of publicity. Peter and Nick are hiding secrets from each other. Peter plans to use Nick’s restaurants to launder money from his other, more lucrative, operations. Nick, meanwhile, is having an affair. With Peter’s beautiful daughter, COSIMA.

To uncover the truth, Ellen must dig deep into the dark heart of this damaged family. The more she digs, the closer she gets to a deadly confrontation with a brutal killer, someone who wants revenge no matter what the cost.

Publisher: Brandon Books (2016). Rights held: French and Russian. All other rights:



TheWaitingGameAfter a successful debut in Hunting Shadows (Brandon, 2013), Detective Inspector Ellen Kelly returns in a new chilling page-turner, The Waiting Game.

“She sat up, ears straining to hear the footsteps over the hammering noise of her racing heart. At first, there was nothing and she thought maybe, just maybe, she was imagining it. She relaxed a fraction. Froze again. No doubt. More footsteps, quieter this time. Almost as if he knew she was awake, listening. A wooden floorboard creaked, too loud and too close. She recognised the sound. The second step on the staircase creaked like that. He was on the stairs. Coming for her.”

Publisher: Brandon Books (2014). Rights held: French and Russian. Rights sold: German (Droemer Knaur). All other rights:



Hunting-Shadows-Sheila-BuglerLee, South-East London. Jodie Hudson ten years’ old, is abducted on her way to school. No witnesses, no leads.

Following a violent showdown with her husband’s killer, Ellen Kelly has been forced to take time out from her job as Detective Inspector. When she is asked back to help find the missing child, she jumps at the chance to get her career back on track.

Jodie’s abductor, Brian Fletcher, believes Jodie is his missing sister, Marion. It has taken him a long time to find her and he is desperate to give Marion the perfect childhood she lost.

But someone else wants Jodie too. Simon Wilson is a violent predator who has worked out where Fletcher is hiding her. If all goes to plan, he’ll soon have the girl to himself.

As Ellen pursues Fletcher with a relentless determination, she is blind to the fact that Wilson is the real danger. Every step closer to Fletcher draws her closer to a fatal confrontation with Wilson, changing Ellen’s life forever.

Set amongst the Irish community in Greenwich and Lewisham, Hunting Shadows introduces Detective Inspector Ellen Kelly.

Publisher: Brandon Books (2013). Rights held: French and Russian. Rights sold: German (Droemer Knaur). All other rights:


“Sheila Bugler delivers a chilling psychological twister of a novel, laced with homespun horrors, a compelling central character in DI Ellen Kelly and a strong contemporary resonance. Fans of Nicci French and Sophie Hannah, prick up your ears. Marks the entrance of a major new talent.” —Cathi Unsworth

“Truly a tour de force. Imagine a collaboration between Ann Tuler and A.M. Homes. Yes, the novel is that good.”  —Ken Bruen

“A brilliant crime debut… akin to a narcotic but in a paper form.”  —

“A most assured debut… Ellen Kelly is a complex character which makes her so fascinating. Mark my words, we will be hearing from her again.”   Crime Fiction Lover ****

“Bugler delivers an addictive crime novel of such a high standard that I could not leave this book alone until it was finished (…) an astonishingly good debut and one that remains with you long after that last page has been turned.”

“In DS Kelly, Sheila Bugler has created a tough and complicated police officer for our times… a compulsive psychological thriller… a page-turning race to the end.”   Hull Daily Mail