Hadley Colt

Hadley Colt is the pseudonym for an internationally acclaimed author. Hadley Colt’s previous novels were published in several languages to excellent reviews and high praise from fellow writers who’ve declared the author’s work, “subtle, moving and tragic”, “non conformist”, “bold and extravagant”, “reviving”, “an explosive mix of humor and action”, and who has been described as “an erudite with formidable imagination” and a “master of suspense”.

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PERMANENTx2700A long-missing novelist, a string of murders and a new brand of heroine fire Permanent Fatal Error, a sexy, Hitchcockian literary thriller.

Everett Hyde: Cult-writer extraordinaire, once regarded as the voice of his generation; an author in the reclusive tradition of J.D. Salinger and Thomas Pynchon but now presumed dead.

Chase Alger: Award-wining biographer specializing in studies of famous people—writers all—who’ve come to mysterious ends. Chase is a self-made man with his own ambiguous past.

When Chase receives an invitation from Everett Hyde’s widow, a disarming offer to write her husband’s sanctioned biography, sinister things begin happening around the would-be biographer.

Chase’s initial replies to Mrs. Hyde’s emails are swiftly returned, marked “Permanent Fatal Error.” Further inquiries after Hyde are first met with stonewalls, then menacing phone calls and emailed death threats.

But the hook is set, and Chase, along with his lover, Ashley, an aspiring young novelist, agrees to be taken under extreme security to the remote estate of the mysterious author’s equally reclusive daughter, Shelby Hyde…


“There’s a real warmth to the writing which implies that, while the author is undoubtedly having fun with some very clever plotting, he/she cares about the underlying themes, particularly the responsibility of all writers to write about what matters. For this reader, that brought to mind the famous Hemingway words: ‘write one true sentence.’ This book is, first and foremost, written by an author who loves writing.” —Sheila Bugler

Publisher: Betimes Books (2015)

Rights held: World


Colt-C5Holmes and Watson.

The centuries-old names continue to thrill crime and mystery lovers around the world.

Now, the mysterious and bestselling author Hadley Colt breathes sexy new life into the timeless legend of The Great Detective.

We are witness to a young Sherlock Holmes, brilliant, arrogant and at the start of what promises to be a stellar career as the world’s first and only consulting detective.

Enter Jona Watson, a fetching young forensics student recruited to go undercover in a tony private school rocked by scandalous affairs between teachers and students.

A primary suspect Jona is directed to investigate: the mysterious and slightly odd, newly hired chemistry teacher named Mr. William Sherlock Holmes, a charismatic enigma.

But Ms. Watson also harbours her own wrenching secrets.

Erotic, fast-paced, yet brilliantly true to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic characters, this is a tour-de-force exploration and subtle reinvention of the beloved sleuth.

The Red-Handed League is a gripping new Sherlock Holmes tale at last revealing the dark and intensely private mystery that secretly shaped and which drives fiction’s most famous detective.

Publisher: Betimes Books (2016)

Rights held: World